Grape Growers of Ontario - the Funk Family

The second family featured by the Grape Growers of Ontario is the Funk family. What a cool name. I bet they've got the funk...for grapes! Ok ok, bad bad joke. What can I say, I love the music from the 1970s...especially funk!  :)

Taking care of the vines
In this video, the Funk family discuss their favourite grape varieties to grow and how each grape variety has it's own unique challenges. It must be such hard work to maintain a vineyard. Not only are you at mercy of the weather but you have to fight off all types of pests and diseases that could potentially ruin your crop. I have such respect for grape growers. It certainly isn't for the faint of heart! I completely agree with the statement that you need good quality grapes to produce good quality wine. I guess you could say that wine making starts in the vineyard!

The Funk family discuss one of the elements that they (as well as other Ontario grape growers) fight with in their vineyard - humidity. Anyone living here in Ontario know that we have lots of humidity. Why is humidity so bad for a vineyard? Too much of it promotes disease and mildew. The vineyard climate has so much to do with the overall health and quality of the grapes which I'll say again, has so much to do with the quality of the finished wine. You can't make good wine from bad grapes!

From the Grape Growers of Ontario website:

Great wine starts in the vineyard.
The Funk Family
Doug Funk, his son Doug Jr, and his brother Randy tend the family vineyards in Niagara, Ontario.
Having grown up on a fruit farm, working in the vineyards with their grandfather and uncles, the Funk family knows that good wine starts with good quality grapes.    The Grape Growers of Ontario invite you to meet our growers and watch the vineyards mature throughout the season.  In our latest video, the Funks walk you through their Riesling vineyards when they are in mid bloom.

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Now let's get funky!