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The Grape Growers of Ontario association is launching a campaign to introduce the grape growers to us, the consumer. The passion and dedication of these growers is helping fuel our growing wine industry. It's important to know who they are and what they do. We should be proud of our wines and the people behind them. When I tell people from other countries that Canada makes wine, their eyes open wide and they ask "Really? Canada makes wine?".  I eagerly respond, "We do and it's delicious!".

Yes our winters here in Ontario are harsh but what makes successful wine production possible is the proximity of the vineyards to large bodies of water - the great lakes. The wine growing areas of Ontario are near Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. The lake acts as a temperature regulator.

This is Debra Marshall. Her and her husband, Thomas, grow Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir grapes on 10 acres of land in Prince Edward County. They own and run Robert Thomas Estate Vineyards and Winery Inc. in Cherry Valley, Ontario. The farm has been in Debra's family for four generations. In the video she says that her favourite wine to drink is pinot noir. That's one of mine too. I love her quote: "I figured if I planted what I loved to drink myself, I would take very good care of it".

Thomas and Debra Marshall, grape growers
Prince Edward County  ("The County"), is Ontario's newest wine growing region. It was officially established as a wine appellation in 2007. Only 2.5 hours from Toronto, it's a beautiful picturesque, rustic destination.  If you've been to the Niagara wine region, The County is quite different. The region is the most northerly wine growing area in Ontario. The wines show the minerality from all that limestone in the soil.  I highly recommend visiting and of course, sampling the wines.  Prince Edward County specializes in cool climate grape growing. Common varietals are chardonnay, pinot noir and cabernet franc.

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