Spring has sprung! It's about time.  Figures...the weather is beautiful outside and I'm in bed with a serious cold writing this post. Before I acquired this "plague", I had some wonderful whites that definitely put a spring in my step. Hello patio!

R. Pouillon & Fils Cuvee de Reserve Brut Champagne $48.95

Yummy! I've tried much more expensive Champagnes before and I can tell you that I didn't enjoy some of them as much as this one. This was a delicious dry sparkling wine. It doesn't leave you trying to dissect the complexity of it because it's just really easy to drink. Perfect for any day of the week. If you have a cold, I prescribe this to cure your ailments.

Momo Sauvignon Blanc 2009 $18.95 

Fantastic dry Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand. I just love the name - Momo. A dear friend of mine from France calls me "Momo". :) What I love most about this wine is the texture and the finish. It has a great creamy finish that lingers in your mouth. This wine is not your typical fresh-cut grass type of Sauvignon Blanc. It has lots of passionfruit and other fresh fruit aromas and flavours. mmm mmm.

Once I battle this cold, I'll be putting up more tasting notes so stay tuned. What kind of wine goes well with chicken soup? Ahhhchooo!