Tasting Notes - Feb 16, 2010

Hello wine lovers! Things have been quiet on the blog lately as I've been preoccupied with my new hobby of figure skating! My attention to wine has been a bit diminished but don't worry, I'm still tasting as often as I can...after skating that is. I should try a tasting before I skate, maybe I'll get in some good jumps! 

 Caves des Vignerons de Buxy Montagny Les Chaniots 1er Cru 2007 $23.95
This is a Chardonnay from Montagny in Burgundy. The picture here is from the 2004 vintage. I tried the 2007 vintage and it was lovely.  This wine is crisp with great minerality and citrus flavour and aroma. The tasting note says that this wine will only improve within 2-3 years. As we're now in 2010, this wine should be coming close to its prime! Yum yum give me some! Actually, just give me the entire bottle. :)

Louis Max Beaucharme Bourgogne Pinot Noir 2007 $19.95
When I first saw this bottle on display, I thought "how cute"! I just love the label design. It's definitely not your typical Burgundian label. When I tried this wine I thought, "mmm mushroom risotto". It has a wonderful aroma filled with red berry and earthy notes. It's a simple wine, offering great flavour and value. I think for a wine just under $20, this is a wonderful find.