Tasting Notes - Jan 27, 2010

Wow! Has it been over a week since my last post? I have to say that I have not been into wine very much this week. Last Sunday I attended the Vintages Bordeaux Tasting at the Four Seasons Hotel here in downtown Toronto. I tried so many wines in the course of 3 hours that my teeth hurt (I'm really not kidding). My mouth looked like it was right out of the Middle Ages! Remember folks, whenever going to a wine tasting event, make sure you spit! I'm happy I did at this one. I would have been under the table with the spittoons and they wouldn't have been for wine. This weekend I'm off to the Niagara IceWine Festival. I can't wait. Lots to report on that one I'm sure. Maybe I'll FINALLY get to some video blogging.

On to some tasting notes for the week. I have two fabulous pics:

Tawse Quarry Road Chardonnay 2007, $35.20
I really enjoy the wines from Tawse. It's a cute winery located in Vineland, Ontario. They're really well known for Chardonnay and Pinot but I enjoy all the wines that they make. I know this wine isn't cheap but it is delicious. For those that are ABC (anything-but-chardonnay), give this Chard a try. It's quite elegant and not too heavy on the oak. You'll find that you're suddenly a new kind of ABC...all-about-chardonnay. I know. Corney joke.

Luigi Bosca Reserva Syrah, $14.95
Yummy! For a wine just under $15, this is definitely a "must buy". This wine comes to us from the foothills of the Andes in Argentina. Lots of chocolate, blackberry and blueberry. There's so much going on both on the nose and on the palate for a wine this inexpensive.

Remember that this weekend is the final weekend for the Niagara IceWine Festival! Maybe I'll see you there. :)