Tasting Notes - Jan 17, 2010

At the tasting bar today, I tried two yummy wines that won't hurt your wallet!

Paso Creek Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 $19.95
Yum yum yum! For just under $20, this wine has earned a place into my wine rack. Hot days and cool nights make this wine bold but balanced. There is lots of fruit and a smooth finish. A win-win in my books. Too bad some of those movie stars couldn't be the same! So, in honour of the Golden Globe awards this evening, may each star be as bold and balanced with a good finish.

A video about the region and this winery:

Domaine de la Seigneurie des Tourelles Saumur Blanc 2008 $12.95
 All I can see is wow! For this price, this wine is fantastic. I went out and bought a few bottles because I don't think that they'll last long on the shelves.
A great Chenin Blanc from the Lorie Valley in France. I love the Loire. It's such a beautiful place from vineyards and grand castles to caves carved out into the limestone hills. You won't be disapointed by this wine and if you are, well, no one is perfect.

On a side note, Vintages is hosting a "Wine 101" event at the Arcadian Court in downtown Toronto on Tuesday February 9th. This is a nice venue, having been there myself a few times. The cost is $55 per person and includes not only a Champagne reception, but a tasting of over 30 wines from around the globe. For more information: