Align yourself with WineAlign

I've been introduced to a new site to add to my ever expanding toolkit of wine arsenal.

This is a site dedicated to our favourite juice brought to us by our yeasty friends...wait, did I just say that?
You can look up wines, check out new releases, read reviews, post a review or make a wine tasting list for yourself. I love the virtual cellar feature to track your personal wine collection. I think I'll use this particular feature a lot since I've lost touch with my own collection. I'm sure my  bottles feel like I don't know them anymore. There's also a mobile access component which is perfect for all of us who are mobile-junkies.
The site is clean and really easy to use. I've just signed myself up!

"WineAlign was designed by wine consumers, - not wine sellers - who want logical, practical and objective wine buying advice."

 It is free to join but to gain access to the premium services such as critics reviews, new releases and the mobile access, you do need to have a paid subscription. When you sign up for an account, you will receive free access to all these services for two months. It's great that this kind of site exists for those of us who live in Ontario since it deals with the wines at the LCBO. The site is planning on expanding to other provinces in Canada. I myself am in the software industry so I know how expensive developing a product can be and how much time and effort it takes. I'm sure that the value of the site for each person will really have to depend on how much they'll use it. A wise man once asked, "If you don't use it, will you lose it?"