I love the NightLife

Last week, I attended a wine event (I know, shocking!) brought to you by the iYellow Wine Club (a free wine social club in Toronto so sign up!). This event featured wines from Napa, California. The night started off with a bang as I acquired a head injury even before entering the event. My head made friends with a large metal door. A perfect way to soothe a head bump is wine of course and I certainly was on my way to the right place. The event took place in the historic Great Hall, on Queen Street West. I love this area of Queen Street. There are so many galleries and interesting stores...not to mention good restaurants.


I love the way the Great Hall was decorated for the evening. Dj Dinamo and Dj Sam EfSharp Flemming were playing some good tunes (as usual, I busted a move on the dancefloor after a few...um...samples). There were 20 wineries sampling their wines at this event. I have to say that the wines that stood out for me this night were the Syrahs and the Sauvignon Blancs. Of course, there was plenty of Cabernet Sauvignon to go around! No California wine show would be complete without the great King Cabernet Sauvignon.

The setup for the evening was one which had all the wineries along the perimeter of the hall, allowing people to freely mix and mingle. There were tables in the center, along with tasty bites to eat. Angela, the lovely lady behind the iYellow Wine Club was sporting some great boots. I love her sense of style. Great taste in wine and fashion go a long way in my books.

The picture to the left is one of Angela and myself showing off our boots at the end of the event. Below is yours truly taking a break from dancing. This time I had some fellow wine tasters join me!

For myself, the wines that stood out were:

Chimney Rock Elevage Bordeaux Blend
This wine is made in the tradition of wines from the right-bank of the Bordeaux region.

Peju Sauvignon Blanc Persephone Vineyard 2008
Interesting fact about this wine is that the grapes are harvested in three stages of ripeness to create a complex blended wine.

Peju Cabernet Sauvignon Persephone Vineyard 2005

Cuvaison Pinot Noir 2007 Los Carneros
One of the only few Pinot Noirs of the night, but always a pleaser.

Frias Syrah 2006
I have a bottle of the 2005 in my wine rack. I can't wait to drink it. The 2006 was also super.

John Anthony Syrah 2006

The winemaker himself was pouring the wines and I enjoyed tasting each of them!

Toronto is fortunate to have dedicated organizations like the iYellow Wine Club to bring these types of events to the city. I love California wines and the NightLife event provided a way to showcase the region.

For more information on Napa Valley:

Maybe one day I'll be blogging from Napa! I can't wait.

Event Alert!
The Gourmet Food & Wine Expo is coming up in a few weeks here in Toronto. It's always a lot of fun. Sadly, I won't be pouring wines this year. I'll be on the floor tasting! :)
For more information: http://www.foodandwineexpo.ca

Purchase VIP tickets with the iYellow Wine Club and save money on the VIP evening:

This year, the wines of Portugal will be featured. See you there!