Value Wines

I was in the bookstore a few days ago and wandered into my favourite section - wine! I was looking for something new and shiny, something that would go well with my ever increasing collection of wine-related books. I picked up a copy of Billy's Best Bottles. I've heard about this book around other "winos" (aka. wine lovers) and how valuable it is to have around. It's updated yearly and is written mainly for those of us who live here in Ontario. This book is packed with information. It has nice pictures of the bottles and describes the regions that these wines are from. This book isn't inexpensive at about $20 a copy. But it does have a lot to offer and it is a kind of "investment". There are over 200 wines listed and most are under $20 and many are under $12. Whether you agree with his picks or not, there is something for everyone. It's super friendly to read and doesn't use fancy wine jargon so it won't scare some people away. It's well-organized and full of useful information. I purchased a copy myself! I think it'll be a great resource when navigating my way through the wine store and for doing investigative research into value wines.

I love this quote on the book cover: "A terribly useful and friendly wine book for the 'ordinary Joe'.

or an 'ordinary Mary' - added by me. =)