Toronto Bring Your Own Wine

Here is a list of some restaurants in Toronto that allow you to bring your own wine:

• Table 17: No corkage fee Sunday and Monday (BYOB Sunday and Monday only). 782 Queen St. E. (at Saulter St.), 416-519-1851.

• Paese: No corkage fee Sunday to Friday for first bottle; regular charge $25. 3827 Bathurst St. (at Wilson), 416-631-6585.

• Cava: No corkage fee Sunday, regular charge $30. 1560 Yonge St. (at Heath St. E.), 416-979-9918

• Centro: No corkage fee Monday to Wednesday; regular charge $35. 2472 Yonge St. (at Castlefield Ave.), 416-483-2211.

• Nota Bene: No corkage fee after 9 p.m.; regular charge $40. 180 Queen St. W. (at Simcoe St.), 416-977-6400.

• Crush Wine Bar: Corkage $1 on Mondays; regular charge $25. 455 King St. W. (at Spadina), 416-977-1234.

• Lee: Corkage $1 Monday to Wednesday; regular charge $30. 603 King St. W. (at Portland St.), 416-504-7867.

• Madeline’s: Corkage $1 Monday to Wednesday; regular charge $30. 601 King St. W. (at Portland St.), 416-603-2205.

• Starfish: Corkage $20. 100 Adelaide St. E. (at Jarvis St.), 416-366-7827.

• Gamelle: Corkage $25. 468 College St. (at Markham St.), 416-923-6254.

• Vertical: Corkage $25. 100 King St. W. (at Bay), First Canadian Place, 416-214-2252.

• Splendido: Corkage $30. 88 Harbord St. (at Spadina), 416-929-7788.

Some of the above are Susur owned restaurants. I still think that for some of these places, $25-$30 to bring your own bottle is a bit expensive. It's not really that much an incentive to bring your own if it won't cost you that much more to just buy a bottle there. Mind you, after knowing the cost of some wines at the store and then seeing them for 3 times the price in the restaurant, maybe it's worth it. The free to $1 corkage sounds great. Call me thrifty but it's a recession!


This list is courtesy of Toronto Life online: