Is wine making me fat?

I had a nice reality check at the gym about a week ago. Sure, I work out - sometimes. I try to watch what I eat - sometimes. The big debate of the decade - does wine make you gain weight. I'm sure that eating a tub of Haagen Daz daily makes you gain weight. I think I ate two tubs after I had my measurements, weight and BMI taken at the gym. I'm sure a glass a day is fine is it not? Can my glass be 750 ml? A nice super-size-me glass, for me to drown the sorrows of the day away. Ok, I'm just being melodramatic.

If I want to fit back into my "skinny" jeans, I should probably cut out the wine...but is it really worth it? I'll be skinny and miserable! I think that's how those supermodels feel...skinny and miserable. At least, I hope so. (apologies to any skinny, miserable feeling supermodels reading this post). I should probably cut the wine and increase the intake of veggies. Who wants broccoli? I sure don't. I should really read that book "French Women Don't Get Fat" to see what the tricks are.

Drinking wine is a very social activity (at least for me). It's so much fun to go out with some friends and share stories and laughs over a nice bottle of wine. I'd be willing to keep a few "extra" pounds if it means keeping wine as part of my lifestyle. I'm sure that like anything, moderation is key. Maybe I'll reduce my 750ml glass to just a regular-sized wine glass. In the end, it's probably total calories in and out that really make the difference. Stay away from scales. They're cruel. Now where did I put those cheesies...