Crush your Mondays! Crush them I said!

Toast to Crappy Mondays!

Who likes Mondays? Probably not a lot of us. What's to like about it? Another week at the daily grind. A great way to toast to a new crappy week is $1 corkage at Crush Wine Bar. You can bring your own bottle of wine for $1 on Mondays. I'm not sure how long this will last but it's a smart idea. Tonight, 12 of us got together over 8 bottles of wine with lots of food thus generating Crush some business on a Monday night.

There's something about having a party on a night like Monday. It makes the week less daunting, annoying and frustrating. The menu is good and currently, Crush has the Summerlicious menu on. For $35 you can eat quite the meal. So, you save on alcohol if you bring your own bottle. The service is always fantastic with the wait staff ready to share in tickles and giggles with you. I always have a great time at Crush. I've become friends with one of the waiters, Akbar. He's just great. Cute English accent. Crush also has a pretty hefty wine list with various flights of wine to try. Next Monday, if you find yourself wondering what to do, why not try Crush Wine Bar!